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Jaypee Kasa Isles Resale

Jaypee Greens presents Kasa Isles, one of the luxurious residential development offering Studios, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK and Penthouses at Sector 129 Noida, Wish Town. Welcome to the delightful living with spacious contemporary interiors, exceptional construction all enclosed in nature and bounded with lush greens.

Jaypee Greens Kasa Isles flats are ideal combination of luxurious amenities, striking vogue and natural beauty. The wide selection of luxurious flats look out at a scintillating read of lovely parks, crumbling stone walls, a landscape stuffed with mosaic stepping stones, rustic stone house d├ęcor, majestic fountains and, Fe accessories and alternative such inventive options.

Inspired from the Tuscany kind of design, this Jaypee project in Noida offers what your heart has continually desired. A home that signifies an international trend, a home designed with amuse of greens and open areas as its central theme.

A circular drive and porch outline the Jaypee Kasa Isles Sector 129 Noida club that exudes an environment of exclusivity. Kasa Isles club feature restaurant, card rooms, Mediterranean cuisines in conjunction with the wide selection of fitness and sport facilities like, footstep field, cardiopulmonary exercise tracks, court game courts, multiple lawn tennis, pool et al to make sure that beauty meets a healthy way here. The design of the building compliments the natural look with its use of stucco, stunning hardwood floors, sun-baked earthenware walls, tall wood-framed windows and stone hearth.

Jaypee Kasa Isle Resale

Resale in Jaypee Kasa Isle is good option to own or sell your luxurious apartments. Please contact our resale team for best deal and honest advice.

TypeSizeFloor Plan
Block A - 2 BHK and Studio915 sqft and 535 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale A-915-535 sqft
Block A - 4 BHK Penthouse Lower1900 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale A-1900-L sqft
Block A - 4 BHK Penthouse Upper1900 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale A-1900-U sqft
Block B - 2 BHK920 sqft and 850 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale B-920-850 sqft
Block C - 3 BHK1250 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale C-1250 sqft
Block D - 3 BHK Type 11370 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale D-1370 sqft
Block D - 3 BHK Type 21370 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale D-1370-1 sqft
Block E - 3 BHK1570 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale E-1570 sqft
Block E - 4 BHK Penthouse Lower2910 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale E-2910-L sqft
Block E - 4 BHK Penthouse Upper2910 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale E-2910-U sqft
Block F - 4 BHK1870 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale F-1870 sqft
Block F - 4 BHK1935 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale F-1935 sqft
Block F - 5 BHK Penthouse Lower3450 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale F-3450-L sqft
Block F - 5 BHK Penthouse Upper3450 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale F-3450-U sqft
Block H - 4 BHK2300 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale H-2300 sqft
Block H - 5 BHK Penthouse Lower4503 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale H-4503-L sqft
Block H - 5 BHK Penthouse Upper4503 sqftJaypee Kasa Isles Resale H-4503-U sqft

Jaypee Kasa Isles Resale Site Plan

Jaypee Kasa Isles Resale Site Plan